Teresa Misagal and Dailola Granola

I have spent my entire career in the food and fashion industry. Over the years I have been a part of New York’s ever dynamic restaurant scene and now am the manager of the super popular Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurant on Sullivan in Soho (check me geeking out on sake 11 min in on After Hours with Daniel Boulud) 

I studied photography at NYU and have worked with some of the top fashion houses over the years, including Anna Sui , Ralph Lauren, Versace and Calvin Klein, as a producer managing their runway collections.

Through this, I have learned that the most important thing is delivering service of the highest quality to customers.  And to make it pretty, of course!



Admittedly, a self-professed health and fitness f-r-e-a-k!  I’ve been boxing for years now with Michael Olajide, Jr. at Aerospace HPC, the trainer for some of the industries top models and actors. They call me "Lil’ Bit", but trust that I pack a punch! You can check him out (and me, too!) in The New York Times as well as Time Out New York Magazine.

Nutrition, health, and wellness are very important to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I heart a Minetta Tavern Black Label burger and have a soft spot for coconut donuts from fellow Smorgasburg vendor Dough with my morning cup of  Blue Bottle coffee, but that’s also because I want to enjoy what I eat.  I am always searching for the perfect combination of tasty and healthy. 


Dailola Granola

If you’re ever in Williamsburg, NY, you may have seen me walking around with my two or three (or four!) Australian Shepherds (depending on if I have foster dogs).  Yes, I am THAT girl.  For anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my furry pawed friends.  They are not only my best pals and family, but they inspire me because of their awesomeness.  So it only seemed appropriate that I name this new food adventure after them.  Dailola is a play on the names of my two dogs: Dailo and Lola.  Here’s our tumblr! Come visit us some time!

Please know that a portion of proceeds from every bag sold is donated to New Spirit Australian Shepherd Rescue where Lola and Ollie-Datou came from and for whom I volunteer foster. If you've never fostered, try it! It's the most rewarding experience ever. Please click on the Spread the DaiLove page above to check it out.

How It Began

Like many things in life, it just started with something I love to do. I love to cook and have always dabbled with new recipes in the kitchen.  If I could have my way, I would live in an industrial kitchen just so that I could tinker and experiment with new flavors.  I prepare my own dog food for Dailo and Lola and all the foster dogs that come through. One day I felt the urge to make granola because I just wasn't satisfied with any granola out there.   

I began baking granola for myself and started giving it as Christmas gifts to my Blue Ribbon colleagues. The granola was a big hit, and the Blue Ribbon Market began selling it.

Soon after it started being sold at the Market, I was named in New York Magazine Best of 2014 issue for The Best Granola in collaboration with Blue Ribbon! It motivated me to start Dailola Granola where all the recipes are inspired by Dailo and Lola!

The Dailola Original Granola:

Lola, Dailo and Ollie-Datou

Lola, Dailo and Ollie-Datou

one great wholesome combination

oats, groats, and sunflower seeds, dried figs-cherries-cranberries-apricots, and hearty nut combo cashews-almonds-walnuts

Dailo Granola: 

inspired by Dailo, my senior dog born 5/17/2000

a recipe for longevity filled with goji berries (boosts immune system, gives energy and strength, promotes longevity) coconut (naturally fights off viruses & bacteria, a powerful antioxidant)

Lola GraLola:

inspired by Lola, my ns4ar.org rescue dog

a girl from the south, cheeky and full of spunk, brings some of her Kentucky roots and southern fruit 

a recipe with a little kick from dried chili pepper (heats the body and aids in weight loss, also known for its anti-inflammatory properties) and cayenne, flax seeds (a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, good for the heart) with a bite of ginger


I'm always experimenting so please check out what's available on the Order Online link above.

The meaning of Dailo:

Dailo = boss, big brother, godfather (in Cantonese, in case you don't watch HK gangster movies)

and Dai in Dailo = great, large, big 

Ergo DaiLove = Big Love!

Thank you & DaiLove from Brooklyn! xo Teresa

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