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A portion of every bag sold will be donated to New Spirit Australian Shepherd Rescue for whom I volunteer foster and where Lola and our 3rd pup, Ollie-Datou came from. A Southern belle and gent.


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Current & Available Foster

Update on Minnie Pearl, now Lao Tai Tai

She has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. She will reside with the Dailola pack where we will keep her safe, well fed, comfy and full of love and companionship until she tells me it's time. We are so blessed to take care of her and help her along her way.

Minnie Pearl: ns4ar id# 2117 

Minnie Pearl is the sweetest and easiest foster pup we've ever had! She's hard of hearing but no matter, she'll come when you gesture with your hand to come. She's great on leash, mostly because she takes her time getting around. She certainly won't be a jogging partner but will be a great companion for walks in the park with time to smell the flowers. She's great with people, dogs, kids, just about anyone. She is house broken and is very reliable when left alone and doesn't need to be crated. She was found in a high kill shelter in Virginia until New Spirit pulled her and she made her way up north to Brooklyn to hang out with the Dailola crew. The vet has estimated her to be 10-11 years old. 

Not Available


Still under construction! More fosters to add here:

Past Fosters Find Furever Homes

Ritter: ns4ar id# 2329

I am happy to report that this big beautiful blue merle was adopted by fellow Smorgasburg vendors, Neil and Angie of Lumpia Shack! That means I still get to see him from time to time. They sure lucked out with this happy easy going fellah. And Ritter, also known as Critter and Oompah Lumpia, gets to spend his days not only with Neil and Angie, but with Grandpa, too! And he gets to go for hikes upstate where they have a house in the country. What a lucky family!

Washington Blue: ns4ar id# 2099

This was the fastest foster ever! We stayed with us less than 48 hours! He was a biggun weighing in at 62lbs. I couldn't walk him with mine because he was strong and exuberant about meeting and sniffing and just plain exploring! A real big sweetheart, he found his furever home in CT with another Aussie.

Feinstein: ns4ar id# 1778

Peony: ns4ar id #1768

Well Tarzan's family thought their new big red would like to have girlfriend! About a month after Krista and Joe drove from Rhode Island to pick up Tarzan, now Boru, they turned back around and drove all the way to Brooklyn for this little red merle lady! Peony, now known as Maluka, happy in RI.

Tarzan: ns4ar id# 1638

Tarzan, (who I called Tasman) is now known as Boru. Like Lola, he hails from Kentucky. He is a big 'ole red southern boy as sweet as sweet potato pie! He was full of energy as was just beside himself here in Brooklyn! Everything was so interesting that he liked to bark for joy as soon as we'd go outside! He's running alongside his fellow New Spirit sister, Maluka #1768, on trails and on the beaches of Rhode Island with Krista and Joe.

Honeycutt: ns4ar id #1661

Honeycutt was found in a shelter in Kentucky. We don't know is history but no matter. He came up north and stayed with us for a bit. He is happily loved by Nikki in Bklyn. adopted January 2013

Haruka: ns4ar id #1467

Haruka (originally named Spring) was found on a farm in Kentucky. A farmer found her in his barn. She had just given birth! She came up north to Bklyn to live with us until she found her home with Caitlyn & David. They used to work at Blue Bottle and would see us every morning. They fell in love and adopted her in July 2012

Sidenote: Ironically, one of her pups, Diego,  joined the New Spirit progam and was adopted just a block away from us. He was being fostered in another state, not even New York. We met up with him a few times. He's the blue eyed mostly white blue merle pictured with Haru.

Our very first foster, Akachan: ns4ar id #933

Akachan is a mini red merle about 3 yrs old, surrendered to the ASPCA by a "friend of the owner" who had been watching the dog. The owner never came to take her back and couldn't be found She had been used as a puppy mill breeding dog somewhere in Brooklyn. She has joined Kerin & Lillian and their blue merle pack in NJ. Adopted June 2011.