Teresa Misagal & Dailola


Dailola formed in 2014

Over time, it has evolved from being a granola company into my shibori brand. Long story short, Dailola was named after my pups, Dailo and Lola. My dogs bring me joy, so the natural transformation of the brand simply comes from a place of happiness and love. 

I love looking at things. I love making things. I make things happen. 

I always wanted to do indigo dyeing. The opportunity came when I was a vendor at the Smorgasburg selling my granola, New York Magazine Best of 2014. Needing to cool off my tent during the hot summer, I started dyeing fabric to hang and provide some shade. From that first moment of dyeing, I was hooked. Happy mistakes all the time! The switch from being a granola Smorgasburg vendor to a shibori selling Brooklyn Flea vendor was inevitable.


Happy mistakes all the time!


inevitably, Brooklyn Flea

I wanted to learn more shibori techniques, and to do so, began travel to Japan over the past three years in a row to study. Most recently, I spent the 2017 summer there to meet with and learn from indigo shibori dyers, even taught a shibori workshop there. I will continue the studies and am already planning my return.

A visual person.

I earned a B.F.A. in photography at Tisch NYU and have worked with some of the top fashion houses over the years, including Anna Sui , Ralph Lauren, Versace and Calvin Klein, as a producer managing their runway collections. 

I have spent my entire career in the food and fashion industry. Over the years I have been a part of New York’s ever dynamic restaurant scene and have been the manager of the super popular Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurant on Sullivan in Soho (check me geeking out on sake 11 min in on After Hours with Daniel Boulud)

Through this, I have learned that the most important thing is delivering service of the highest quality to customers. And to make it pretty, of course!

The best collaboration was dyeing fabric for Anna Sui Men S'18. What an amazing feeling to see my fabric walk the runway.

Admittedly, a self-professed health and fitness f-r-e-a-k! 

I’ve been boxing for years now with Michael Olajide, Jr. at Aerospace HPC, the trainer for some of the industries top models and actors. They call me "Lil’ Bit", but trust that I pack a punch! You can check him out (and me, too!) in The New York Times as well as Time Out New York Magazine. 

As seen here, you may often see Michael wearing one of my scarves.


Lola, my shibori helper

Lola, my shibori helper

The meaning of Dailo:

Dailo = boss, big brother, godfather (in Cantonese, in case you don't watch HK gangster movies)

and Dai in Dailo = great, large, big 

Ergo DaiLove = Big Love!

Here to make and teach you how to make happy mistakes.

Thank you & DaiLove!

xo Teresa